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TELE Busines s Solution s is a the Compa ny that cares about you as a Custo mer or Partne r. We provide you with the Best Quality Produc ts and Service s and reward you for giving us the opport unity to serve you. We provide a vast variety of Service s and Produc ts that save you time and money trying to get these from various other source s. Wethe r you are shoping for Residen tial or Comm ercial Service s and Produc ts, wether you are looking for Busines s Oppor tunities or you are looking for some Charita ble Solution s, our Expert Consult ants are ready to assist you. TDZonlin e Comm unicatio ns os our Flag Ship busines s Solution for Cutting edge Technol ogy produc ts and Service s.
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TELE BS strives to deliver the best in high-val ue, low-pric ed produc ts and service s
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2408 Johnso n Rd Suite E, Atlanta , GA 30345, USA
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404-96 9-1333
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716-40 2-1395
404-96 9-1333
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globalco m@td zonline. com
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cs @t dzo nline .co m
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